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This personal safety wearable was developed for runners, joggers, hikers, cyclists, students, overseas travellers, lone workers, outdoors enthusiasts and revellers. It emits a loud 120dB high-pitched audible alarm when activated, and pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send out alerts in the event of an emergency.

The run angel app allows users to set up a guardian network of up to three family members & friends who can be notified of your location and time of activation in an emergency by SMS and email upon activation of their run angel.

Sound & safe

Sound is vital in an emergency. Upon activation run angel emits a very loud high-pitch 120dB alarm, think standing in front of speakers at a rock concert! And by being worn on the wrist it is easily accessible in an emergency.

connected safety

Download the free run angel app on iTunes or Google Play and connect your run angel with your smartphone to enjoy the extended safety benefits available from the run angel app.

watch over me

Invite trusted family & friends into your Guardian network on the run angel app, and feel safe in the knowledge that peace of mind will be provided to those you care about and who care about you.

on high alert

In the event of an activation run angel will sound and Guardians will receive emergency alerts by SMS and email detailing the time, date, co-ordinates and map-link to your location.

Got a question? Read the FAQ or get in contact with us.

did you know…

… that you can use your run angel without your phone? This would be in the case of sound activation only. You can also disable the alerts within the menu settings if you wish to avail of run angel for sound only. Please note guardians will not receive alerts in this instance.

… that your run angel can also be activated from the app? On the homepage of the app in the top left you will see a sound symbol which will take you to two alarm activation scenarios – ‘sound + alerts’ and ‘alerts only’.

‘sound + alerts’ allows you to activate the sound on your run angel without pressing the device itself. In addition, safety alerts will also be sent to your guardian network.

‘alerts only’ triggers a silent activation, whereby safety alerts will be sent to your guardians without the audible alarm on your run angel sounding.

run angel in short

  •  you cannot do personal safety without sound – when activated run angel emits a very loud 120 dB alarm
  • our tuned hi-pitch frequency enables a greater alarm distance coverage
  • promotes ease of use and accessibility by being worn on the wrist
  • one-touch activated
  • SOS LED warning beacon
  • bluetooth connected
  • rechargeable to ensure that the alarm will sound to its full potential when needed most
  • lightweight and non-allergenic


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