run angel FAQ

What is run angel? 

run angel is a connected personal safety wearable that emits a 120dB high-pitched audible alarm and pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send alerts by SMS and emails to loved ones in the event of an emergency.  

You talk ‘loud’ on the sound capability behind run angel - why was this crucial in creating run angel?

It’s sound that always attracts attention in the event of an emergency. You hear a fire engine or ambulance before you actually see it. A loud sound can create an opportunity for you to make your escape if your personal safety is under threat, or if you need attention brought to you in the event of an injury.

We (tirelessly) designed and developed run angel to be loud, very loud, 120dB loud (think standing in front of the speakers at a rock concert!). We also tuned the sound frequency so that it would travel further resulting in more passersby coming to your rescue. At the heart of each run angel is our acoustic chamber design. Making this so small and sound so loud time was a challenge in itself. We also needed to be mindful that run angel was developed to be worn on the wrist – making it easier for you to activate your run angel in an emergency situation.

Why did you decide to design and manufacture run angel in the UK and Ireland?

There’s a simple answer to that one, we take no short cuts when it comes to your safety. We are very proud of our 'manufactured in' stamp on our product and packaging.   


Is run angel only for those who run?

Personal safety is not exclusive to any one group. We are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, work mates and friends. run angel can benefit all those you care about, other lifestyle pursuits, runers, cyclists, walkers, hikers, students, overseas travellers, festival goers, farmers, lone workers, an elderly relative living on their own, or if you find yourself in a situation where you are coming home alone after being out with friends.  

How does run angel work?

You need to be safe in the knowledge that with one press of the centre button your run angel will sound and send alerts to your guardians. Activating your run angel in an emergency should be easy to do, and most of all, immediate.

How do I get started?

Download the free run angel app at the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store and follow the steps to connect your run angel with your smartphone and invite family & friends as guardians to your alert network.

How do I activate / de-activate the alarm on my run angel?

It takes only one press to activate and de-activate your run angel.

To activate: Press once on the centre button that shows the sound waves.

To de-activate: Press the small circular on / off button on the shoulder of the strap.

The alarm can also be cancelled direct from the app activation page.

How do I sound the silent alarm?

After the run angel is switched on and paired to a phone, instead of pressing the big alarm button, you press the small (on/off) button twice in quick succession. The easiest way to test it, is to keep the run angel app open on your phone and press the small button twice. You will then see the 5 or 10 second delay starting to count down. On the run angel itself, the blue flashing beacon light will change from flashing blue to flashing red.

Why have a silent alarm?

Different situations call for different actions. In a situation where you feel you might aggravate an attacker with a loud alarm, the silent function is an added tool to your disposal. With the option to either have a loud or silent alarm, it gives the wearer the option to assess the situation and act accordingly.

What must I do before first use?

Charge your run angel fully. Install the free run angel app. Invite your three guardians. Inform your guardians you will do a test activation, this way your guardians will know what to expect when they receive your emergency message.

Open your app, connect your run angel and press the alarm button. Make sure to take your finger off the button as to not block the sound. While the alarm is going off, you will see the count down on the app. You can cancel this to avoid using an activation. Test both the loud and silent alarm to familiarise yourself with the two options.

Can I switch off my run angel

Yes. Unlike other wearable devices run angel can be powered off. To do so, simply hold down the on / off button for 3 seconds. 

Is run angel rechargeable?

Thankfully it is. We don’t do the replaceable coin cell battery thing - these are for school calculators! Your safety matters to us so having the capability to create a loud alarm when it matters most is essential.

run angel contains a rechargeable battery which is charged via a micro USB lead (supplied). To conserve power your run angel will turn off after being on for 4 continuous hours if the activation button has not been pressed.

How do I recharge run angel?

A short beep followed by a pulse of the red LED indicates it's time to recharge your run angel. The run angel app will also display a battery indicator on the homepage to notify you when the battery is running low. Battery life from a full charge can last up to 2 weeks, however we recommend to maintain a longer alarm duration in the event of an activation to recharge your run angel once a week.

To recharge your run angel, power off the wearable by pressing the on / off button on the shoulder of the strap, pop out the centre section from the strap and insert the USB lead supplied.

Full recharging time can vary up to 180 minutes. A red LED indicates your run angel is charging, whilst a green LED lets you know that your run angel is fully charged.

Once completed re-insert the centre section carefully back into the strap ensuring that the USB port lines up with the USB logo on side of the strap.

Can my run angel get wet?

Your run angel is sweat resistant.

Swimming or showering with it on is a no go. Should your run angel get wet, remove the centre section from the strap, turn upside down and gently shake, drying thoroughly with an absorbent towel.

We also advise that you dry the strap, inside and out, before re-inserting the centre section.

Where can I get the run angel app?

The run angel app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Once downloaded, please open the run angel app and follow the prompts to pair your run angel wearable with your smartphone.

What smartphones do run angel work with?

iOS: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X running iOS 9 and above with support for Bluetooth Low Energy.

Android: Android phones running Android 4.4 and above with Bluetooth 4.0

How do I log in to the run angel app?

You will be prompted to sign up upon downloading your run angel app for the first time. You can sign in thereafter by using your email and password.

Can I log out?

You can log out but we strongly don’t recommend this as doing so prevents your guardian network from receiving alerts. In addition the alert delay will default to its original 10 second delay setting.

Why do you require my mobile number when setting up ‘My Profile’?

For security purposes you will be sent a verification SMS to accept which links you to the mobile number entered on the profile page. You will not be permitted to add guardians until this step is completed.

Does run angel track my location all the time?

No, we value your privacy as much as your safety, we therefore only track your location when an alert has been triggered. In order for guardians to receive alerts highlighting your whereabouts the location access on your smartphone associated with the run angel app must be enabled.

How do I enable Bluetooth on my smartphone?

iOS: Swipe up from the button of the screen and click the Bluetooth icon at the top middle of the Control Centre. You can also go to your iOS device’s Settings’, select ‘Bluetooth,’ and then toggle the Bluetooth control to the ‘on’ position.

Android: Navigate to your device’s ‘Settings’ find the Bluetooth setting and toggle it to the ‘on’ position. On most Android devices you can also swipe down from the top of the screen to quickly access Bluetooth settings.

How do I connect my run angel

Ensure your run angel app is open on the homepage showing the ‘connect’ button. Switch on your run angel by holding down the on / off button for 2-3 seconds, a green LED will flash and the power-up jingle will be heard, after which your run angel will attempt to connect to your smartphone by Bluetooth - indicated by a blue LED briefly flashing every second.

Press connect on the app homepage ensuring that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Follow the instructions on the ‘pairing’ page to complete the connection of your run angel. Once connected you will hear the connected jingle and the blue LED will switch to flashing every 4 seconds.

In the unlikely event that your run angel does not connect with your smartphone you will see the green LED flashing every 4 seconds. Power off your run angel and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in the settings of your smartphone and that your smartphone and run angel are within close proximity to one another. Power on your run angel and repeat the process above.

Once your run angel has been paired for the first-time, when you switch on again and open the run angel app your run angel wearable will automatically connect without you having the press the 'connect' button on the homepage of the app.

How close does my phone need to be to my run angel

Because it uses Bluetooth technology, your run angel and phone will need to be within close proximity of each other to ensure you can send alerts to your guardian network and trigger your run angel from the app. This Bluetooth signal may however be hindered by various environmental factors and how many physical barriers are between your run angel and your smartphone.

You will know if your run angel is going out of range if the blue Bluetooth pairing light flashes fast or a chime is heard. Your run angel will attempt to recover the weakened signal during this process, once achieved the Bluetooth pairing light will flicker slowly and / or a full connection chime will be heard.

A flashing green light indicates that you are not connected to Bluetooth.

Note: If the alarm is activated whilst experiencing a diminished or loss of signal, the alarm will sound however safety alerts may not be sent.

How will my guardians know that I have chosen them as guardians?

The run angel app enables you to set up a guardian network of trusted friends and family who will be notified when you need help. After accepting the link sent to you in an SMS you can proceed in the app to the add guardian page where you can invite up to three guardians.

After saving their details within the app an SMS verification will be sent to them showing the name and mobile number of the person who has nominated them. In order to be a guardian, the link within the SMS must be accepted. We do however advise that you contact a proposed guardian in advance of nominating them, as the acceptance link within the SMS will expire within 48 hours.

Once a guardian accepts you will see their name appear under the guardian icon on the homepage of the app.

How does the guardian network work?

Activating your run angel from the device or app, or triggering a silent alert, will send those accepted to be guardians safety alerts by SMS / and e-mail indicating that you need help.

The guardian’s SMS and e-mail will show the date and time of an activation, plus a map link will be included within the message body that shows your location.

Can I cancel an alert to my guardians?

We have built in a default 10-second delay to provide users with sufficient time to cancel an activation. Visit the menu settings to set your preferred delay duration.

Can I use my run angel without my phone?

Yes, in the case of sound activation only. You can also disable the alerts within the menu settings if you wish to avail of run angel for sound only. Please note guardians will not receive alerts in this instance.

What if I am in an area with poor signal or bad connection, will my run angel continue to function?

As is seen above, we have placed a large emphasis on the sound capability and tuned frequency acoustic design of run angel, therefore regardless of your location or signal strength the audible alarm will sound. The duration of which will be associated with the level of battery attributed to your run angel. 

run angel also connects with smartphone devices via Bluetooth to send safety alerts by SMS & email including your location to your guardian network. If your smartphone does not have good signal strength then your guardians may not receive safety alerts.

What is the remote activation function?

Your run angel can also be activated from the app. On the homepage of the app in the top left you will see a sound symbol which will take you to two alarm activation scenarios – ‘sound + alerts’ and ‘alerts only’.

‘sound + alerts’ allows you to activate the sound on your run angel without pressing the device itself. In addition, safety alerts will also be sent to your guardian network.

‘alerts only’ triggers a silent activation, whereby safety alerts will be sent to your guardians without the audible alarm on your run angel sounding.

Why do I not see the remote activation symbol?

The remote activation symbol will only appear when you have connected your run angel to the app.

What languages does run angel support?

At this time, the run angel app supports English only.

Are there any additional fees?

No, each run angel purchased comes fully stocked with a set number of free activation tokens which allows you to send out alerts to your guardian network. Should these alert bundles ever run low, though we seriously hope that this never happens, you will be directed to acquire more through an in-app purchase.

What qualifies as an activation?

An activation counts when an SMS message was sent. Activating the alarm only, or cancelling the message before it sends (you will see a 5 or 10 second delay counting down on your app) does not count as an activation.

Can I use run angel worldwide?

For a full list of the countries that run angel operates in please email us

returns & warranty

What is your return policy?

If you purchased run angel from our website at we are more than happy to accept returns for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Contact us at for a refund form.

We ask kindly that any product you return must be in the same condition you received it, un-used, and in the original packaging.

What is your warranty policy?

run angel provides a one-year limited warranty. Purchasers are entitled to repair or replacement of defective devices. The warranty commences from the date of initial purchase.

If you are unhappy with your experience or believe your device may be defective, please contact our support team at