About Us

We are a couple with a keen interest in sports and being outdoors. Nienke, a Dutch national living in London, United Kingdom, moved to Cape Town to join her partner Werner in late 2017. Being used to care-free running in the safety of West-London suburbs, along the river Thames or in the iconic parks, all buzzing with tourists, fellow runners and boot camp groups at any time of the day, she was very excited to take her running to the next level in South Africa. The views are stunning wherever you go, and the mountain has countless incredible trails to offer to runners, cyclists and hikers alike. So far, so good! Right?

Wrong. Around our own neighbourhood, in one month alone there were as many as three stabbings (of a cyclist and hikers), two of which were fatal. In one weekend we saw two unrelated reports of two women, each on a solo run, having been followed in seemingly ‘safe’ areas, one by a man on foot and one by a man in a car.

Determined not to let this stop Nienke from continuing her Comrades training, we were desperate to find something that gave us both peace of mind when she would go running by herself. The solution presented itself in the form of run angel. With a single press of a button it sets off a 120-dB alarm and your three selected guardians immediately receive an SMS and email with a map of your location to let them know you need help. Having the run angel has made Nienke feel much safer, and Werner has peace of mind when she is out on a run.

run angel is taking the world by storm. It is as if this safety wearable was tailor-made for active South Africans. Safety and comfort are incredibly important during any outdoor activity. Our own experiences have led us to think about how we can improve everybody's enjoyment of being out on the road or in nature, or even doing their job, and this is how weRUN was born. From simple things such as where to put your car keys when you go for a run or at a race, to leaving sweaty stains on your car seat, not to mention the smell of dirty and/or wet clothes and shoes in your car: we have selected a range of high quality products that will make your outdoor adventures as easy and comfortable as possible.

weRUN has one mission: making your outdoor experience safe, care-free and fun!