Our Mission

We have one mission: making your outdoor experience safe, care-free and fun!

We are a couple with a keen interest in sports and being outdoors. Nienke, a Dutch national living in London, moved to Cape Town to join her partner in late 2017. Being used to care-free running in the safety of West-London suburbs, she was very excited to take her running to the next level in South Africa.

After a few incidents along her running path, we knew we needed a personal safety tool and discovered run angel. We believe everyone should have peace of mind when they are out doing what they love most. Every outdoor activity carries inherent risks, but personal safety should not be one of them. weRUN was born out of necessity and we aim to bring you the best products to fit in with your running, safety and outdoor needs.

Instead of offering a huge unoriginal collection, we carefully hand pick a few unique products of the highest quality suitable for people with lifestyles just like yours.


My run angel  is like a little piece of armour. It makes me feel protected and free whenever I'm out on the road or trails. It allows me to explore the beauty all around us, without hesitation.

Danette Smith

I was surprised by how secure and empowered I felt by just wearing run angel. Having a deterrent that didn't involve contact made it feel like less of a task to master. It's just a button you push and that feels great.

Women's Health South Africa

Every girl should have a run angel - safety first!

Annemarie Faul

Running is more than exercise to me. It is a sanctuary, a thought laboratory, an energizing catch-up with friends or a much-valued moment of solitude. Run angel allows me to enjoy my runs knowing that should the unthinkable occur, I have a plan. I have a way of sounding the alarm and making my location known. It gives me freedom to choose a forest run and it gives my loved ones peace of mind when I do so.

Candice Royal

I like the product and feel a lot safer when out on the trails. I had an issue with adding a guardian - the weRUN and Run Angel support teams went above and beyond to assist. Great product and excellent customer service.

Charmaine Stevens Stainton

Personal Safety is more important than ever before

We are saying ‘no more’ to those who threaten our freedom in the outdoors and we’re taking back our forests, trails and roads. We are taking back our right to freedom. run angel  is easy to use, robust, light-weight, versatile, suitable for a wide audience and gives peace of mind to the wearer and their loved ones - making you feel safe, secure and connected. Wherever you go and whatever you do.

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making your outdoor experience safe, care-free and fun!